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at re envelopes. one flat rate to any state, just $4.95. that's cool and al.. but it ain't my mone seriously do not care... so, you don't care what anyone says, you want to save this company money! that's exactly what i was sayi. hmmm... ority mail fat rate envelopesjust $4.95 only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. >> u.s. officials confirms to fox news. qaddafi air defenses are seriously disabled. it is too early to predict what they might do in response to today's strike. >> new images shows u.s. navy ships firing missiles and teeping wup britain, france and canada and italy to enforce a no fly zone all to support a rebel uprising in that country until now appeared on the verge of
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defeat. even before the attack a libyan fighter jet hit boy rebel fire or a coalition plane. the rebels on the ground cheered and celebrating. as international forces move in. 114 tomahawk cruise missiles fired thus far and targeting 20 sites near tripoli. we have live coverage on the ground. molly henningberg has the u.s. reponce. we begin with steve harington streaming live from tripoli. steve. >>reporter: a message of defiance from qaddafi. he said the attackers are colonialist and where onist who want to take over libyan oil. this time he was in a curious move it is a phone
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conversation recorded and that may speak to his ability to have communications or he could be in hiding. it is not clear. he would open up armories and arm his citizens to take part in the fight and threatened all nations working against libya and said all military and civilian targies would be fair game. this is a man who carried out acts of terrorism in the past. we haven't heard the explosions here in downtown tripoli but we understand some of the sites were east of the capitol city and oil depos around the city of misrada . u.s. officials say his ability to defend against the air strikes is disabled but in the morning time comes, we'll see a clear report. benghazi has been through heavy shelling today . government forces as in the
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recent history went to the outskirts of the city . the 700,000 inhabitants took a heavy pounding from artillery and tankings. it was there that the first shots were fire the. french war wrones disabled four government vehicles and four tanks in the area. back to you. >>reporter: you haven't heard the explosions caused by the cruise you missiles . tripoli is always a city loyal to qaddafi throughout the crisis. what is the mood of the people there, is there panic in >>reporter: there is a question mark of how deep and wide is that loyality to colonel qaddafi and how much is inspired by his own security aparatus which is heavy handed. we have seen a lot of public support for qaddafi. but awn that is organized and
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paid for by the government. paid cheering section and scream they are ready to die for him. how many will die or quietly now are hoping he will be gone? we don't know yet. but the western backed forces move close to the capitol we may see a shift in the popularity. >> john: it is a interesting time to watch. teave harigan in tripoli. president obama authorized the u.s. will military to launch operations against qaddafi forces when he was in brazil. mooly is live in washington. the u.s. will provide military action in libya what does that mean? >> a limited mission to disable the air system. the president is rezitant to get involved but the u.s. will act to support military action
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by a broad coalition of countries, here's more. as part of the effort we'll contribute in the front end to protect libyan civilians and enable the enforcement of a no fly zone led by our international partners. as i said yesterday. we will not deploy u.s. troops on the ground. >> the president said the u.s. cant stand idly by as qaddafi attacks his own people. >> john: what about international support. how much is there? >> french president sarkozy hosted an emergency summit on libya with 22 north american and arab leaderships including secretary of state clinon. she and others said qaddafi left the international community no choice but to intervene toward to save the lives of citizens.
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>> arab leadership in this participation is crucial. arab community shoped what that meant. it changed the diplomatic landscape. they have sent another strong message by being here today and we lock to them for continued leadership and active participation and partnership going forward. >> the secretary had side meetings with jordan united arab emirates and qatar. >> molly henneberg in wash warn. >> john: here to tell us what our forces are facing, retired u.s. army lieutenant general. general, it is going to be an air war at this point, no ground forces. the president made that claim.
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but do you see severe danger to any american, you know aviators who may be in the skies in >> first of all, we should make clear i am a colonel and not a general. it would be nice. there is always throats. any time you put a human being over a battlefield. you can have a physical malfunction to cause a plane to go down. troops are at risk any time there is a conflict. >> in terms of air defense taken out we hope and the expectation of the white house. cruise missiles are done a good job in taking out air defenses, would you expect in which the way of resistance in the way to be put up by the libyans >> you don't know. f-22 stealth aircraft fighter could in now and attack. this is an overabundance of caution making sure they take
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out the sites first. but again, you can never presume the risk zero. that is not true. we know we will win the air war. we will own the chies in libb wrain 20 minutes. not 20 minutes but quickly. the question is what comes after that in >> john: >> john: there could be a blood bath on the ground. tanks have been shelling with artillery and tank fire and so forth and that could go on for sometime. >> lots of historic examples to pick from. we had plenty of cases where we have thrownn in air power and iraq and afghanistan and bosnia . each much those cases there was a follow up with military forces and in kosovo, the serbs held out and almost brought nato to the knees because we pound said them with an air campaign until
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they finally gave up. qaddafi may try to hang out here and tough it out strategy and hopes that everybody gets bored and goes home. >> john: what about the loyalty of his forces. fighter pilots who refused the orders to bomb their own people and they flew to malta and defected . now the military sees they're up against the united states and britain and france and italy, that is going to soften support for qaddafi, isn't it? >> that is true. but if falls back to tripoli and hunkers down . taken the city. if people want to stick it out. it is a tough fight and they have to say what is going to happen? is the opposition going to get us? they are not organized. is armed forces coming in? are they going to bomb us. unlikely that people will sit there and bomb tripoli in to
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rubble. the question is what comes after you control the skies? >> john: winning the military campaign is easy. but as we learned in iraq winning the peace is much tougher. >> it could be a big problem here because as we saw in afghanistan and iraq. you win the military campaign and then bad people flood in to take advantage of that and how do you deal with that? you walk away and have another afghanistan? one thing they did not authorize is an occupation force which guarantee that there would not be chaos. >> john: defense secretary gates seemed to be throwing a lot of cold water on the idea of a no fly zone over iraq and saying in order to establish that, you have to go to war against libya. was that just a dodge perhaps to make qaddafi think he would
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be safe from exactly what happened today? >> you know, i don't know. it is irrelevant. there are no do overs. we are where we are . we are committed and other allied countries are committed. the hard question is what is next after we control the skies what is next? and the worry is wait and see. we sow how well that worked in afghanistan and in iraq, let's not forget this is look being like the afghanistan campaign. we'll come in and give you the air power and let the guys on the ground roll out the bad guys and we'll all be done . it didn't work out that way in afghanistan. >> john: retired colonel james carafano. i am sorry you are not a retired general. >> thank you. >> john: well, the world's great powers launch an attack to try to stop the slaughter of civilians in libya from their own leader.
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wee speak to someone who has known qaddafi for 30 years. former ambassador to the united states who resigned in protest just a few days ago speaks with us next. in japan progress to report in containing the nuclear disaster. but word that contamination is reaching the japan food supply . look at this. the tsunami, crashing ashore, and the dash camera captures it all. this car swallowed by the water and the driver behind the wheel survives. more on his dramatic story and the pictures ahead. [ male announcer ] this is james. the morning after the big move starts with back pain... and a choice. take advilow... and maybe up to 4 in a day. or, choose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. smarmove. ♪ ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay
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tap water 150 miles away. greg is streaming like from osaka. japan where is is a quarter past nine in the morning. >> since we last talked there are developmentings. authorities are pumping sea water into a reactor number 4. that was one of damaged by the quake and tsunami and involved in a catastrophic core melt down. they have been coling it down . in reactor number three . according to the authorities there. they have had a segree of success and stabilizing the situation. it is not getting worse. temperature levels are remaining conitant and some what reduced. the other thing they are working on is hooking up all of the reactors and one and two in a electrical system and today by the end of the day
8:17 pm
sunday, they hope to get the juice that are in there may be damaged by the events of the past few days and possibly work and cool those facilities down as well >> meanwhile there is unsettling word about over all health safety in this region. faces of iodine in the food comments coming northeastern japan. that includes spinach and milk. minute traces of radioactive iodine found in tap water in the area. authorities say it is not an immediate danger and they are looking at cutting out the sale and distribution of the milk and food products. water for now they think is okay. we have to emphasize there is
8:18 pm
a huge humanitarian challenge remaining from the quake and tsunami. figures from the government. 7600 dead . 11700ing and half million people still in the shelters and the evacuations and finally as the nuclear situation begins to perhaps stabilize, the government and they have had criticism of this, the government can shift the attention to the humanitarian challenge . it is huge. that gross day by day. >> john: thank you, greg from osaka, japan. >> new pictures come in the news room. look at this is dash cam video showing a car heading in the disaster . the driver had no other options as the water covers the entire stretch of road and the driver did surverify. he said he was afraid to leave
8:19 pm
his car and he sat there and waited long enough for the water it recede. we'll return live to libya as the u.s. launches the first trikes. how new develop ams can affect the unrest seen in the arab world. today we receive word an american public servant passed away. former secretary of state warren christopher died in los angeles with comprecations for cancer. he worked for peace in bosnia and middle east . chiefor for hosts in 1981. warren christopher dead at the age of 85. this isn't new york city. ♪ or the windy city. and we're certainly no one's emerald city. we're the motor city. ♪
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>> a u.s. official confirming that today's air strikes disabled qaddafi's air defense. but the officials add it is too soon to predict what the libyan lead yer ground foreses might do. we'll go to jennifer griffin lich in the pentagon. what about the bomb damage assessment, jennifer. >> officials are not telling us that they have confirmed information from the ground about what in fact those 114 tomahawk missiles struck. they struck at 20 different strikes and tripoli, and sites around tripoli, the capitol and misrata where the third largest air base is located. we hear that that air base was struck and an air force academy was struck . entering that the tomahawk were not targeting benghazi. that is most likely they
8:24 pm
didn't want to kill the wrong people there. so there are a few tomahawks who struck cert that is another town in the east. but not in benghazi, john. >> john: you have talked about the unique capabilities that the u.s. brings, apparently there are advance in cruise missiles that have been made since the iraq war in >> that's right, that's right. in fact, the cruise missile and it is tomahawk in particular are the unique capabilities that the u.s. navy and air force bring to the table . so that's the reason that the u.s. right now is in command and control of the operationn. take a listen to vice admiral william gortny director of the joints chiefs of staff in the pentagon. >> after the french flew their mission tomahawks were launched. time from first impact 1500 eastern standard time. >> now in terms of the.s.
8:25 pm
naval assets that are in the mediterranean. there are 11 u.s. navy ships. two are destroyers and three are submarines and missiles fired from a britain submarines and all of the rest from the u.s. naval assets. there are five coalition members. britain, french, canadian and italians and u.s.. they are waiting for two arab state to step up and join the assistance. qatar and united arab emirates. interestingly enough ei didn't want and saudi arabia not part of the coalition, john. >> john: and the air defense system they are trying to take out. what is it? >> it is the same kind of soviet era air defense system that saddam hussein had exactly eight years ago when coalition forces took out his sa 5 air defense radar systems and when the coalition forces
8:26 pm
launched the invasion of iraq. that is similar to what qaddafi has. take a listen to vice admiral gortny. >> this is a integrated missile defense system much like the one that iraq had and surrounding baghdad. built on older soviet technology. but still, good capability. >> a good capability but the pentagon sources tell us that they don't expect it will take more than a few days to take out the air forces. we'll see the fighter jets and u.s. planes over lib yampt they will not put them in the sky until confirmation from global hawk surveillance site to suggest that sa 85 air defense systems that qaddafi has has been degraded. >> john: thank you, we'll take you back to libya live where
8:27 pm
the biggest operation in the arab world since the invasion of iraq is underway. we are in the strongholds of qaddafi and the rebels and plus, what the rebels is doing behind the scenes. is it is torn apart by the bahrainian government. welcome back to geico radio, it's savings, on the radio.
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you dream. meet the new definition of durability: the john deere select series -- a four-year limited warranty, dozens of attachments, and endless possibilities. what will you create? learn more about the durable select series tractor at john >> is it is 2:30 in the morning in tripoli, lib yampt steve told us he hadn't been able to hear the coalition air attacks on qaddafi's air defense that changed rapidly. we'll go live to steve in tripoli. steve? >>reporter: john, the situation here on the ground has suddenly and dramatically changed. off to my right that is a large explosion and might be a cruise missile. it was thunderous and seeing a
8:31 pm
tremendous amount of antiaircraft fire and red tracers filling up the sky. it was just getting quiet and we have seen dramatic developments here. perhaps attacking command and control centers close to the capt cament. theosition i am standing in right now is two miles from qaddafi's head waterers and this is the first loud explosion we heard in tripoli and might have been a cruise missile. certainly loudd enough to be one and from all around red antiaircraft tracer fire coming from around the goal controlled hotel. >> john: that might be desperation return fire. they may not have a good idea what they are shooting at. they are shooting at anything they can hit, right? >> certainly probably an angry reponce and we are hearing another thunder like bomb in the dance and i think we'll
8:32 pm
see red tracer fire. we'll try to pan over on the video phone and you will see red tracer fire in the sky there. certainly you can hear that thunder and that is heavy antiaircraft fire . more tracer fire as well. and now it is a thunderstorm here. i am seeing from four different points. tracer fire. it is explosions of antiaircraft fire in the sky behind those white clouds . you can hear it, it is like a thunderstorm now . four different points of antiaircraft tracer fire . and more loud explosions. we don't know what is hitting or what is fired at. it is cruise missile antiaircraft fire is pointless.
8:33 pm
but there is more of it. you can hear that thunder. that is 300 yards away from me. we are in a section of tripoli which is heavly government area. a lot of government offices and businesss and certainly if we can tell antiaircraft batteries. >> i am going to start to move in closer to the hotel because the fire is close at this point. (rapid gunfire) >> >>reporter: i am talking about 500 yards away. one antiaircraft is firing and same thing it is over there. it is doubtful that coalition war chests are over tripoli and the goal in the military operation was to elimination surface to air missiles and
8:34 pm
antiaircraft bat ears before they took to the air. we'll see 24 hours of cruise missile strikes . we heard recent reports that from the americans that the antiaircraft systems in libya have been severely degraded. but you can see and hear from downtown tripoli there is a fair amount of fire power at least in this part of the city. it is probably firing up at white clouds right now. i will toss it back to you. >> john: steve we'll stick with this as long as we can. you have a front row seat. >>reporter: can you show the red firing up. >> john: steve one of the things they want to degrade as much as possible is the radar system that fixes on some of the incoming and perhaps missiles. they want to take the radar sites out obviously.
8:35 pm
they may be. these gunners may be shooting blind if they don't have radar help in targeting whatever it is that they are trying to hit. >>reporter: right. certainly of the 114 cruise missiles fired, the real goals were as you can continue to hear the thumping around here. the real goals were the antiaircraft systems mainly on the coast of the libya and east of the capitol. you are right. command and control systems here in the capitol, to try to blind the leadership would be targets as well i am interested to hear what a cruise missile sounds like after seeing video of them and it rocked the atmosphere here with a deep thud and a heavy explosion. and it set off a hornet's nest. heavy thumping is more antiaircraft fire.
8:36 pm
we are in a heavly controlled government compound here. this is an elite section of tripoli with the government offices and government buildings and government controlled antiaircraft batteries as well. >> john: just to refresh our viewers whatwho may not have seen the earlier reports, these cruise missile attacks started in earnest, we are told the first cruise missile hit at 3:00 p.m. eastern time and it is now 8:36 eastern time. you hadn't really heard cruise missile attacks in tripoli until just now? >>reporter: no, we haven't heard anything. we are also hearing small arm's fire and you have to realize. i am going to squat down here. >> john: i think that is a good idea. >> it is an unusual situation . you not only antiaircraft firing but civilians or
8:37 pm
semicivilians. step away from the camera and leave it in a set position. we are squatting down inside of the hotel. you have a recklessness to the qaddafi supporters. they have charged journalist and put them through mock executions and held up in this hotel here and they fire indiscriminately and in the air and there is concern as anger mounts, that they may fire recklessly at journalist. we are not afraid of the antiaircraft guns here. we are afraid of qaddafi supporters with pistols or ak's, and we turned our light off and will squat down. mr. #1: do we need to let you go and let you regroup and take care of your safety. >> we are in a safe position and we'll let the camera up
8:38 pm
and depend oz how much antiaircraft fire you want have carry. the cruise miss ails seems to have stopped for now. we'll wait and watch here. >> john: we hear a couple of distant shots and didn't sound like much. to repeat cruise missiles come in almost with no announcement whatsoever. they hug the curvature of the earth and fairly slow and by the time most of these despots realize they are in, well, because they have exploded and done their work . so to have these antiaircraft batteries firing as you heard in the background steves report is an exercise in futility, there are probably no aircraft in the air that is dropping bombs or pay load on tripoli or the libyan capitol
8:39 pm
of the tripoli there. they did apparentlyy take at leastt one cruise missile strike and that's what they are firing at. >>reporter: now the libyan government made a number of statements to state controlled television that should come down to one bald lie after another. they said they shot down a french plane. that's not true . there have been tremendous civilian casulties from the cruise missile strikes . we haven't seen documentary evidence of that. no video from hospitals or wounded . not even the sound of sirens or ambulance here. it is tough to get an accurate read when the government is saying things that are without any, any evidence. they said there were strikes in downtown tripoli. we haven't verified that until now until the last 45 minutes. we heard the explosions and
8:40 pm
they are not far away and they are loud. we assume they are going for the command control center in tripoli to blindd the leadership. part of what u.s. officials said preparing the battlefield. of course, the u.s. at this point, hesitant to take the lead in the fighting or be seen having the lead but having the lead at this point and shape the battlefield and knock out the air defenses and out command and control and make the skies safe for british, french and perhaps arab war planes to create a no fly zone and prevent the killing of civilians especially the civilians trying to flee from the rebel stronghold of benghazi. >> john: steve we'll leave your shot up and my hat is off to you in the reporting of a dangerous situation. we'll leave your shot up. this is thrive 2:40 in the morning of libya, capt cat of
8:41 pm
tripoli which up until now had not seen much in the way of bombardment of the cruise missile strike that began five and half hours ago. now steve is parks parently almost in the middle of a new round of cruise missile attacks and the libyans have been returning fire. >> he has the camera pointed out there outside of his hotel as he said in the government onclave inside of tripoli. and we'll continue to watch that and bring you in the discussion a fox news military analyst. steve, if anything changes get back to us. in the meantime waly ferris is joining us. wauthor of the coming revolution in the middle east. does this mean the end for qaddafi? >> we can see right now a first bar age of missiles and cruise and launch happened by the u.s. and uk to take out first of all and most
8:42 pm
importantly the radar and command control and also antiaircraft missiles. but what remains and what we are hearing over the past 10-20 minutes is machine guns and heavy machine guns and antiaircraft guns. there is a forest of those among the supporters in the army of qaddafi and that you may lin to it not yust hours but days until they are disarmed or defeated. they are shooting no where and it is nervous and chaos and this is to assert present. put yourself in the shoes, they feel there may be possibility of insurgentses from emerging from inside of tripoli. there is nervousness in the headquarters of qaddafi and receiving the missiles from the outside and fearing enemy on the inside as well. >> john: i wondered if his top military leaders seeing the force that is arrayed against
8:43 pm
him might turn to the other side and say qaddafi, your days are numbered. we are going to join the protestors. >> that has happened in the first business days of the revolution where many units of benghazi and elsewhere and west of tripoli defected and that is the core of the resistance of the opposition. those who remain much qaddafi are afraid of him. his secret police and ges tapo is in control . on the other hand felt that qaddafi defeated his enemy. his troops were very close to benghazi until yesterday . the french hit a few targetots ground . forces are hitting most of them and now the moment for the officers it make a choice continue to be with qaddafi or soon in the opposition having
8:44 pm
the air cover and start the counterattack from benghazi from cert to tripoli. >> john: thank you. we are watching live from tripoli as events unfold. we heard antiaircraft guns and large explosions and possibly cruise missiles . we'll keep an eye on it for you. back with more coverage in a moment. my doctor put me on an aspin regimen to help protect my life. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. check with your doctor because it can happen to anybody. premier of the packed bag. you know when to hold 'em... and how to fold 'em.
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it's more gradual, subtly self-confident. shouldn't anti-aging be just as subtle? ssculptra aesthetic.t. the injectable that replaces lost collagen gradually, for a naturally subtle look. and it can last up to two years. you didn't age overnight. why anti-age overnight? injection site discomfort, redness, bruising, bleeding, swelling, bumps and delayed lumps, some with inflammation may occur that typically resolve. it's anti-age for the modern age. visit >> if you are just joining us. coalition air strikes in libya
8:48 pm
are underway. they have been for five and half hours now. reporter steve cergigan is in the of tripoli in the middle of a government compound, a few miles away from depad gad's headquarters and steve heard what appeared to be the first cruise missile attacks on tripoli itself. he had told us in an earlier report that he had not yet heard any cruise missiles land even though the u.s. navy said approximatelily 114 cruise missiles with high power explosives have been launched against target in lib yampt out of those 114, steve had heard none until 10 minutes ago. a large explosion was heard in the previous commercial break. steve was streaming live . that is the timing of the
8:49 pm
break. we hope to bring it that you in a moment. libyans returned antiaircraft fire and this is what it sounds like from steve's position 10 minutes ago. (gunfire) >>reporter: certainly an angry response and this is a thunder like boom . pierre, we'll probably see tracey fire. we'll pan over on the video phone and see red tracer fire in the sky there. you can hear the thunder and that is heavy antiaircraft fire and seeing more tracer fire as well. and now it is a thunderstorm here. i am seeing from four different points, tracer fire . it is explosions of antiaircraft fire in the sky
8:50 pm
behind the white clouds . you can hear it. it is like a thunderstorm now . four different points of antiaircraft tracer fire. and more loud explosion and we don't know what is hitting or what is fired at. if it is cruise missiles the antiaircraft fire is pointless. but there's more of it and you can hear the thunder, that is 300 yards away from me and we are in a section. >> john: that's what itb looked like less than 10 minutes ago. we are six hours in the bombardment of libya by u.s. and coalition forces . 114 cruise missiles are launched in libya. but steve, our reporter had
8:51 pm
not heard any of them rip trip. until just now. we'll be right back. exccelerate? by designing, building and selling the vehicles the world wants today and into the future. and by choosing the new york stock exchange to accelerate their business. ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay
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>>reporter: there is more of it. you can heart thunder. ing you yards away from me. we are in a section of tripoli that is heavly government controlled area . a lot of any of the offices and buildings. mr. #1: our steve harigan calmly as always reportoth returned fire from the libbian government forces in tripoli. this is a live view from our camera there and steve, i presume you are able to hear
8:55 pm
me. all right. we have lost our connection with steve. everything appears to be okay with him. i want to reassure you there was concern about smallarps fire in that area. but, you can see though, the flashers going off in the parking lot. i am venturing to say that that may be a testament to the power of the conconcussion of the explosion that started it off. which we presume was a cruise missile attack. that may be car alarms . that may be what is flashing out there in the hotel parking lot. in the meantime check in with meteorologist mariah molena live in the fox weather center. maria? >> yawn, we expect weather in tripoli pretty calm .
8:56 pm
a slight chance of a shower as we head if monday . otherwise good visibility and 10-12 miles and we are looking at gusty wins between 10-20 miles per hour . that is not a huge concern for anyone out there. temperatures will be cool, and near normal with highs in the 60s for the next several days and lows in the nighttime hours dropping down to the low 50 upper 40s. in japan we have a new aproachhing storm system. this john will be bringing in more rain sunday night and monday and tuesday. not what we want to hear there. >>reporter: thank you . we established our connection with steve harigan. what is the latest. >>reporter: it has been quiet since 20 minutes ago we heard two cruise missiles land in the neighborhood of downtown tripoli. likely targeting command and control centers inside of the capitol. after those loud explosions .
8:57 pm
we saw busts of antiaircraft fire from batters here from two different positions and we saw red tracer fire going up. john, back to you. >> john: steve, thank you . thanks to our air men and naval operators and marine and solders. stay save. that's the fox report for saturday. i am john scott. the afternoon to begins with more pain and more pills. thevening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills. the day is done but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. just 2 pills can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lara who chose 2 aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. wonder where the durao's been for the lastwo years? well, it toured around europe, getting handling and steering lessons
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